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With no plans lined up after graduating, Corinne agrees to do a favor and look after a hospitalized acquaintance's home... a home that turns out to be a ghost-infested bed & breakfast! Her peaceful week of housesitting becomes seven days of madness as she finds herself surrounded by a variety of eccentric ghosts with entirely different demands...

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  • Sidescrolling adventure game (NOT a horror game despite the ghosts)
  • A character-rich, story-driven experience
  • You have 7 days at the B&B. Try to make each day count!
  • Switches between day and night, affecting available interactions

Key Features

  • Gardening! Raise a garden by tending to the B&B's potted plants. Sell the flowers you've grown for money!
  • Cooking! Create tasty breakfast dishes in the kitchen. Can you find all 10 recipes?
  • Ghosts! Get to know the B&B's otherwordly guests. Choose what you say carefully! There are multiple endings based on your decisions.
  • New Game+! Beat the game once to unlock a harder version of the game with alternate dialogue, bonus scenes, extra content, and a few... secrets...

CCD&B was initially developed in a month for the 2015 IGMC (and won grand prize). This is an updated version with improved art, more illustrations, better writing and implementation of multiple endings, new characters and maps, a New Game+ mode, and more content and details in general.

Please note: Purchasing the game here does not come with a Steam key, Steam achievements, or Steam trading card game content. If you're interested in those, you can buy the game on Steam here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Prequel/sequel in development!

The sister game to CCD&B, Hermina Lumen is Only Human, is currently in development! You can get updates on Twitter/Tumblr:

Bad Chalk on Twitter

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AuthorBad Chalk
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAtmospheric, Cute, Funny, RPG Maker, Slice Of Life, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksSteam, Twitter, Tumblr


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